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Food Services


Dena Cox

802-454-7777 ext 121


Greetings from Chef Dena !  The Calais Elementary School offers a breakfast and a hot lunch program. These nutritious and carefully prepared meals are offered every school day. Menus are sent monthly with the school newsletters to allow students and parents to select meals. 

Due to a Federal Grant  Breakfast and Lunch is free to all students for the 2020-21 school year.

Payments for food services are made on a debit card system. Each child is issued a picture ID when school pictures are taken in September, but we track accounts using student last names prior to the ID cards arriving.

Meals are to be prepaid. When making a deposit, please send checks made out to “Calais Elementary School” in an envelope clearly marked “Food Service.” We suggest beginning with a deposit of $32.50 to each child’s account; this will cover two weeks of full-priced lunches. You will receive periodic statements showing any money owed. These are NOT bills; they are over-draw notices. If you receive one of these pink statements, please make a deposit into your child’s account that will cover the over-draw as well as upcoming meals.    A white statement indicates the positive balance on your child's account.  If you have questions about the system or the status of an account, please contact Dena Cox at 454-7777 ext. 121 or

2015-16 Cafeteria Prices:

Grab & Go Breakfast: $3.00

Lunch: $4.00/student, $5.50 /adult

Lunch Schedule:

K-4th Grade: 11;30 - 12

5th-6th Grade: 12 - 12:30

Free & Reduced Cost Meals

Some students are eligible for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch. Applications forms are sent to every family during the first week of school. Please return these forms as soon as possible. If you think you are eligible at anytime during the year, request a form from the office. Information on the application is confidential. Information must be updated if your family income status changes.  This program covers breakfast and lunch only, not snack.